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Looking for the best krill oil supplements?  We want you to understand HOW and WHY our premium grade bio-active essential fatty acid omega 3 krill oil is superior to that of our competitors. We are miles ahead in our industry, literally in a class by ourselves.

Premium Krill

You can obtain further detailed information on our company and the best krill oil by clicking here. Our FREE information packet (a PDF file), will elaborate on the true quality of what we bring to the table. It will also explain the key differences between competitor's fish oils and Antarctic omega 3 krill oil.

Antarctic omega 3 krill oil health discovery

Our company sought real solutions for countering the common problem of plaque which destroys people's physical health. We discovered from the CDC (Center for disease Control) that seven out of ten people die from chronic disease. The biggest culprits are inflammation and oxidation. A world wide search resulted in the discovery of something truly compelling, a hidden diamond in the rough: Antarctic omega 3 krill oil. It has proven to be a true miracle of sorts, an answer to the nightmares of inflammation and chronic disease. It has taken on numerous diseases and plagues and greatly reduced their effects and improved the health of people. Our premium grade Antarctic omega 3 krill oil is great for fighting inflammation (a topic covered in our website). Antarctic omega 3 krill oil can reduce cholesterol by almost half! [about 44.4%] This is compared to fish oil's reduction of only 4.6%. We have also learned that Antarctic omega 3 krill oil helps with cell recovery.

This is a product for athletes as well as senior citizens-something that could benefit almost everyone. Until now inflammation, high cholesterol, poor vision, joint pain, PMS, ADD/ADHD, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, depression, MS, heart health, low energy, lack of endurance, poor stamina, and countless other ailments have seemed to inevitably triumph over a variety of ineffective remedies such as pain killers and a multitude of medicines. Too often these products result in unfortunate side effects. But we are now literally able to give people back their lives, hopes, and forgotten dreams. By providing natural Antarctic omega 3 krill oil health supplement we are improving peoples lives.

Why should you buy your Antarctic
Omega 3 krill oil?

We started by finding the #1 species of omega 3 krill oil. We ONLY focus on the very best of everything we venture into. We are not content being #2. We found that of the 85 or so species of omega 3 krill oil, the Euphasia species or (E. superba) krill in the Antarctic ocean was the very best. These Antarctic omega 3 krill lived an average of 10 years longer then their counterparts in the south pole. They are the best krill oil with the highest grade and that is the most bio-active and pure.

Higest Quality Bottle

These omega 3 krill are also in untouched crystal clean waters that just happen to be federally regulated. This took care of the mercury and other pollutant concerns that many of the other omega 3 krill species were susceptible to. Because the Antarctic omega 3 krill are federally regulated the Antarctic omega 3 krill are also not endangered. In fact a very small percentage of what is allowed to be harvested actually is. We are all about the safety for the environment and eco-system. We do not take shortcuts just to save a buck. 

One of our next steps was to find the best company to help us harvest the precious Antarctic omega 3 best krill oil. We have 15 international patents now and take our Antarctic omega 3 krill oil very seriously. We learned that the enzymes in the krill were so powerful that once on board the ships the enzymes would eat the nutrients in the omega 3 krill. We use a cold extraction method. Our krill are literally taken from floating factories in the pristine waters of the Antarctic ocean. The krill are kept underwater until they are ready to be harvested and processed. This method preserves the pure and bio-active ingredients the krill are composed of and maintains their full potency. We only use the E. Superba species (the #1 species). Our best krill oil is not mixed with various lesser species as is done by other companies. Since other species don't have the same benefits but are cheaper to extract, ours remains a much higher and more pure grade of krill oil. Our method preserves not only the valuable oil but makes it at least 48 times more absorbable than fish oil. (Our FREE information packet- explains the difference between fish oil bound to triglycerides and our essential fatty acid Antarctic omega 3 krill oil bound to phospholipids).

We now offer the most pure and potent grade of essential fatty acid Antarctic omega 3 krill oil on the planet. Others have used various inferior methods, for example: freezing the omega 3 krill in blocks and shipping it to the factory, and employing nitrogen and heat extraction methods. Acetone is also used, yes, the same product women use to remove finger nail polish. The use of heat extraction is also very common, and of course, kills most of the vital nutrients of omega 3 krill oil. It does, however, save companies a lot of money. Keep that in mind the next time you wonder why theirs is cheaper. This is why our Antarctic omega 3 krill oil works and other brands aren't as effective, or just don't work. They focus on saving money while we focus on end results well supported by testimonials. We will never compromise our integrity with cheap money saving tricks.

Our Antarctic omega 3 krill oil may not be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Our Antarctic omega 3 health supplements is the number #1 most pure and potent bio-active essential fatty acid supplement available. When comparing grades of omega 3 krill oil, compare the EPA, DHA, Astaxanthin and Phosphatidylcholine (every cell in your body is made of phospholipids). Our Antarctic omega 3 krill oil has a higher concentration of these key ingredients than any other omega 3 krill oil available. We have preserved the potent and precious essential fatty acids. Ours is the most pure. It is also superior in fighting and repairing inflammation and free radicals. The shelf life of our competitors’ products can be as little as two weeks. This quickly degrades their krill oils potency and causes it to become rancid more quickly. 

Can I get the same results from simply taking more of a cheaper brand? 

We now own the proprietary rights to a new process that has sent us flying past the competition. Millions of dollars and over half a decade were spent in developing this new purification process by a team of over 80 PHD's. This new 3-step-5-day purification process takes out those oxidizing ingredients before the oil is ever put into our capsules. You see, by the time our competitors product reaches the store shelves, the rancidity from naturally-occurring copper, TMA, LPC, and moisture has already started to erode the low levels of phospholipids, omega 3’s and astaxanthin identified on their bottles. There is a fishy smell when those bottles are opened. The longer they have been on the shelves the stronger it will be. In only a short time the ingredients listed in their supplement facts will compromised. On the other hand, our best krill oil, has an uncompromised shelf life of 2 years. The irony is ours sells so fast that shelf life is not something to worry about.

Our new purification process makes more room for the good stuff, and our 3 key ingredients stay fresh and active much longer. Because the ingredients remain fresh, they work more effectively. There are more fresh phospholipids (456mg), especially phosphatidylcholine (78.8%) to help rebuild cells everywhere in your body; amazing doses of Astaxanthin (2.5 mg) to supercharge the antioxidant process; and high levels of omega 3's (330mg) to perform their anti-inflammatory magic in your joints, brain cells, muscles, organs and arteries. We’re the ONLY krill oil in the world with this amazing new blend process and formula. Our new blend purification process is the pinnacle of omega 3 power and much more!

It is noteworthy that the company that sold us our proprietary rights "approached us". They knew we were a reliable and reputable company they could rely on and trust.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts: Does it matter what color the omega 3 krill oil is? Yes, because the darker the krill the better the quality. Our krill oil is almost black! The proof is in the pudding so to say. Our Antarctic omega 3 krill oil is also double encapsulated. No more fishy bloated taste. We have included a picture of one of our own Antarctic omega 3 krill oil soft gels on this very page. Note how dark it is.

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You Will Notice The Difference

We have had individuals who have taken our product, found that it worked wonderfully for them, saw the cheaper bottles on the shelves of the drug store, dropped ours, bought theirs, came back after a couple of months begging for ours because they knew it worked and the “cheaper” grade of omega 3 krill oil did not. It's interesting to note that in order to be within federal guidelines you only have to have 75% of what you say you have in your product. A lot of companies dilute their omega 3 krill oil's with plant oils and even fish oils. We on the other hand have upgraded our premium Antarctic omega 3 krill oil 3 times. We do not stay stagnant like many of the other companies out there. That should tell you something about us. We are always improving and we have over a hundred years of experience with this line of work. We are very good at what we do.


"My doctor had me take the krill for my ankle pain from long-distance running. It was amazing. Later someone told me I could get the same thing at the drugstore for less. So I tried a drugstore krill oil product. Right away my pain returned. Needless to say, I was back on your krill immediately. It’s just not a bargain if it doesn’t work."

Lisa D.

Try our Antarctic omega 3 krill oil today!

It is not by chance that we have thousands of strong testimonials concerning a wide variety of different ailments. Never before has a single omega 3 health supplement product helped in so many different health situations and with lasting results.

Did you know? The American Heart Association says that every man women and child should be on an omega 3 health supplement. From the cradle to the grave our Antarctic omega 3 krill oil is the best essential fatty acid available. Our Antarctic omega 3 krill oil gives you everything you need and avoids everything you don't!

Join the thousands of people, across the country who have had their lives changed. They have discovered liquid gold in a bottle, a real solution for what was affecting their health: our premium grade Antarctic omega 3 krill oil. You will feel the results and be glad you did.

Our essential fatty acid Antarctic omega 3 krill oil contains the following:

  • Phospholipids = 400 mg

  • Omega 3's = 400 mg

  • DHEA = 160 mg

  • EPA = 210 mg

  • Astaxanthin = 2.5 mg

  Compare to any omega 3 krill oil on the market!  


Authors Note:
Our website covers a few specific topics on the importance of taking an omega 3 krill oil health supplement. There are so many things krill oil does for you, we simply could not cover them all. Please pick a topic that you are interested in and begin reading. We have also expounded on the ingredients of krill oil. We have topics that cover the "Big 3": Astaxanthin, phopspholipids, and yes omega 3's. Thanks for visiting our website.

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